Blue Skies

Flash fiction inspired by the United States’ use of military drones: “It’s OK,” the man […]



He was halfway into his third beer when he heard someone say the word “terrorism” […]



Ready. Set. Action. Cut. OK, dim the lights a bit. They’re a little too hot […]



Hundreds¬†Dozens of high school students in Colorado walked out of class in protest of proposed […]


Split Up

It wasn’t until he reached the river that he realized he was alone. His legs¬†were […]

black bear

He For She

He (she) was a boy (girl) standing in the center of room delegating the rules […]

emma watson gender

The Color Of Domestic Violence

Flash fiction inspired by the NFL’s decision to partner with the National Domestic Violence Hotline: […]

nfl stadium

A Buddha Statue

Flash fiction inspired by a Buddha statue in Oakland: It was an ugly corner. A […]


It Didn’t Matter

Flash fiction inspired by the NFL’s misguided moral compass: It didn’t matter when he hit […]


The Boy Has To Learn

Flash fiction inspired by the arrest of Adrian Peterson: The boy has to learn. The […]

adrian peterson